Ingeborg Oudmaijer - Interior Designer
Interior design
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Before I started up Borg‘s Interiors, I experienced a lot. A many-sided and exciting career led to something valuable: a wealth of experience and knowledge that I would like to pass on. To you.

I have seen a lot of the world. Countries. Cultures. People. I am an expat, and have always followed my husband’s career. Challenging. But also fulfilling. And I have learned to appreciate the blessings of a home. The feeling that you have arrived. And feel comfortable.

I am family-oriented, often organised down to the last detail, and most of all I like to spend my time with beautiful things: Style. Styling. Trends. Interior design.

I like tea, the colour chamois, and chalets. I love delicious food. My strength lies in assessing situations. I see what is missing straight away. And I can quickly make things happen, because I know how and where to look. My friends say affectionately that I am a walking encyclopaedia.

I am delighted when feelings and emotions become visible in images, and later in objects and spaces.

What may I do to breathe life into your ideas and visions?

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„Personal style derives from reflection. From the ability to be bold when the moment requires it. From aiming to surprise.”